Die With Me When I Die
Molly Gaudry


“What will die with me when I die, what pitiful or perishable form will the world lose?” — Borges

Two white slips on the wall unmentionable but that they were hers and they are there, where she slept and dreamed of us and decided she should die at her blue desk, my unanswered letters in its drawers, a photograph of the ship on which she met me one September holding five blue balloons, five blue balloons buoyed to her ceiling now and when they fall I wonder where they’ll land (on land we kissed the ground, I kissed her feet and she kissed mine), but because I cannot tell myself to enter stand at her door and let them free into that lost white room, her white lace quilt, two goose-down pillows, wrought iron frame, linens in the corner stacked neat in squares, sheer curtains drawn, light soft on my hands as they release, let rise those globe-blue oval orbs lighter than air where she sleeps dreams reads and answers when I say her name and reach for her like a balloon lifted by the sky, and I lie, beside myself with her here, two white slips on the wall that I might wonder why I’d stared at stars and awed in terror at the thought that trees’ long lasting way past me was right and think again how all books smelled like wood smoke and soap to me and why I prayed that I would die before I woke so sleep was all I’d know and kept up hope that where I’d find myself would be just water far as I could see and like a whale I’d weightless breathe light in and out and wait, and wait, for other souls to share with me what other things I hadn’t thought to think had died because who else but me would think about them quite like that, so that their lives could throb, could thrive.

MOLLY GAUDRY is the author of We Take Me Apart (Mud Luscious, 2009) and the editor of Tell: An Anthology of Expository Narrative (Flatman crooked, 2011). Her website is mollygaudry.com


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